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PLC Control Panels


PLC Systems to sequence control and monitor traction power systems which typically comprise Circuit Breakers, Contactors and Disconnectors where a high integrity control is required.

The systems can be used to apply a hot standby system which can automatically be invoked if a fault is detected.


These systems are often required where a failure would have serious effects on train movements. These losses of trains incur immense penalties to either the system provider or the System operator.

The PLC can ensure that this disruption is kept to a minimum thus saving considerable amounts of money.


The PLC’s often work with Mimic panels but Mimic panels are often provided for Railway systems even if there is no PLC.


Mimic Panels


Mimic for a depot supply system with indication of the power supply configuration and status.

The cabinet has an engraved front-panel that shows a simple geographic plan of the depot.

Status Indicators on the panel will be illuminated to indicate the status of all monitored equipment.

· Incomers / Circuit Breakers (CB)

· Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Systems

· Emergency Power Off (EPO) Systems

· Shed Isolators

· Road Power Supplies

· Overhead Status Indicators (OSIs)

Floor Standing Mimic Panels


Mimic for a transit system with indication of switch position and power supply configuration and status.

The control panel also acts as an interface between the SCADA system and the track section/bypass switches and their track indicators.

The power for all these signals is derived from the Mimic panel supply.

EPO Emergency Power Off Panels


The Emergency Power Off Panel comprises approved Safety Relays which monitor groups of Emergency Power Off pushbuttons which are distributed throughout the depot.

The EPO Panel should be permanently connected to a 110VAC 50Hz power supply. This should be a ‘secure power supply’, supported by a UPS.