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Substation Isolator Panels


On load and off load isolator panels for depot roads or sidings 2000A / 3600A, 1500V DC

Manual or motorised By-pass disconnector.

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Substation Feeder Pillars


Off load isolator panels for Tramlines 2000A, 750V DC

Manual off load By-pass disconnector.

2 Pole Circuit Breaker / Contactor / Motorised Isolator Suites 3600A 1000V DC


Distribution of substation feeds to the DC section of the AC/DC changeover system tracks. Each Suite is a fully integrated assembly of Circuit Breakers, Contactors, Motorised Isolators, Frame Leakage panels and Cable Connection panels.


AC Overvoltage Devices 25kV/11kV


The device limits overvoltage by providing an ‘Earth Bridge’ between the HV and LV circuits to equalise potential differences.



1 Pole DCDS Disconnector Switches 4400A & 5600A 750V DC


Off load / fault make disconnectors motor driven (48V DC or 230V AC) for isolating the output from Transformer / Rectifier power supplies to the track on Network Rail systems