L.C. Switchgear Ltd

Switchgear design and manufacture

AC & DC Switchgear for all industrial applications, Railway, Steel Processing, Chemical, Aluminium Production,

AC & DC switches for on load, off load and off load fault make applications.

These can be manually operated or automated by Electric drive or Pneumatic drive. Switches of multi pole construction are available typically up to 6 poles for off load switches.

The configurations can be typically:

 Disconnectors (1-0)

 Changeover (1-2)

 Changeover Disconnectors (1-0-2)

Many options are available including;


 Multiple Auxiliary indication

 Padlock facilities


Text Box: Standard switches can be automated by electric motors, electric actuators or pneumatic actuators.
Old switches can also be automated or refurbished
A range of automation kits for existing switchgear and circuit breakers has been designed and manufactured to give a new lease of life to old manual units.

Medium & Low Voltage Switch Customisation

A full range is available.

Heavy duty Traction grade contactors.


Applications include Railways, Trams, Metros, Underground, Trolley buses, Mining industries, Power generation and UPS supply


Conform to IEC 158-1 VDE0660. NFC 63100, EN 60947-4 and SNCF Cat 1 & 2


A full range is available, complete with their accessories, from the smallest electronic fuse to large medium voltage fuses. DC and semi conductor fuses to North American and European Standards.

International brand names:






Linocur Limitor Nortroll


Specialist fuse assemblies can be designed and manufactured by L.C. Switchgear Ltd.

The experience gained on railway fuse assemblies can be applied to any industrial requirement.

Fuse Enclosures & Assemblies

Custom built Isolator cubicles to suit a wide range of industrial applications:

 LV isolation

 MV AC isolation

Industrial Isolators

Switches, Fuses & Contactors

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