L.C. Switchgear Ltd

Switchgear design and manufacture

A wide range of high quality switchgear enclosures providing combinations of features:

 Quick and efficient track sectioning

 Removal of power in emergencies

 Earthing of tracks for safety when carrying out maintenance

 By-passing a substation in the event of substation failure or maintenance

Text Box: Selection, isolation and configuration of substation output from substations to either depots or the main line.
Substation Isolator Panels
Circuit Breaker / Contactor / Motorised Isolator Suites
DCDS Disconnector Switches
Overvoltage Devices

Substation Switchgear

Text Box: LCS provide the complete shore supply system from the Isolating and Changeover Supply Isolators, through the Road Contactor Suites, to Overhead Switchable Trolleys & Pedestals to the train. DDM Mimic Panels & Overhead Status Indicators provide feed-back to the DDM, operators and maintainers

Depot Shore Supply Switchgear

Track Sectioning, feed, bypass & isolation.

 LCS2 Track Disconnector Switches

 CTS Controlled Track Switches

 RCTIS Remote Controlled Track Isolating Switches

 MTIS Manual Track Isolating Switches

 Dockland Track Isolators

 Buffer Zone Switchgear for train movements from an Earthed Traction System to a Traction Negative Traction System

Trackside Switchgear & Link Boxes

Train mounted disconnectors for the selection of third rail shoe gear or shore supplies for disconnecting and earthing shoe gear during train maintenance.

Rolling Stock Switchgear

PLC Control Panels, Mimic Panels & EPO Emergency Power Off Panels

Control panels for rail projects such as Multi Circuit Distribution Switchboards, 2 & 3 Panel Changeover Switchboards, conductor rail heating & train heating.

LED Trackside indicators.

Control Panels & Multi-Circuit Distribution & Indicators

Railway Products

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PLC Systems to sequence control and monitor traction power systems.

Mimic panels to control and monitor traction power systems status