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Specialist fuse assemblies can be designed and manufactured by L.C. Switchgear Ltd.


The experience gained on railway fuse assemblies can be applied to any industrial requirement.

Conductor Rail Mounted Fuse Assembly


The rail mounted fuse box is a custom designed and machined ‘composite’ assembly, to meet the customer specification.

The fuse box houses, 20 x 127 fuses of differing current ratings depending upon the application.


As used on London Underground for Tunnel Electrical Distribution, Tunnel Lighting supplies, Bleed Resistors & Current On Line relays.

Pantograph Fuse Boxes 1000A 1900V DC


DC Traction fuses in roof top pantograph mounting box

Traction Grade Fuse rated 1000A 1900V DC

IP56 Stainless Steel Enclosure


Custom Fuse Assemblies 1000A 1900V DC


Fuse assembly, including, mounting and termination kit

Designed to replace obsolete fuses using the existing mountings

Traction Grade Fuse rated 1000A 1900V DC

Insulated Fuse Box 1000A 2000V DC


DC Fuses in wall mounted insulated box.

Special test house application

Fuse rated 1000A 2000V DC

Termination provided to suit the specific cabling requirements.

Lightweight ergonomic design

Replacement Traction Protistor Fuse Assemblies 800A & 1000A - 1000V DC


Fuse assembly, including, mounting bus bars fully torque ready for installation.

Designed to replace ruptured fuses using the existing mountings.

Traction Grade Fuses rated 800 or 1000A 1000V DC

Used on many LCS Products, including:

Depot Contactor Panels

Wash Road Contactor Panels

Road Contactor Panels

Switchgear design and manufacture