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Three Pole Switch 630A 12kV AC


Isolation of 3kV, 6.6kV and 12kV transformer & motor supplies


Three Pole Switch & Manual Earth Switch 630A 12kV AC


Isolation & earthing of 3kV, 6.6kV and 12kV transformer & motor supplies

Two Pole Disconnector 1250A 3000V DC


Isolation of test bed supplies from the substation, or track sectioning.

(1-0-2) 2 pole pneumatically driven off load isolators

Automation of Existing Medium Voltage Circuit Breakers


Economic solution compared to replacing old manual switches/circuit breakers with new automated ones

Short lead times until installation

Short down time when installation is taking place

Increased safety for the operator


Ringmaster Mk 1.5 SF6 Ring Main Unit


Linear Actuation

Control box with Interface for the Remote Control Unit (RMU)


Charging &Trip Mechanism for Type C4X Circuit Breaker

OEM - Hawker Siddeley -


Motor Charging of Trip Mechanism

Trip via solenoid coil


Trip Mechanism for Type SC Form A1 Circuit Breaker

OEM - British Thomson-Houston -


Trip via solenoid coil

Operation remote electrical or manual override, using the standard operating handle